My Favorite Christmas Present Which I Need to Explain

This will sound weird. I've been shaving for a few decades now. The average man spends five months out of his life shaving. I decided one day about one year ago to make this time enjoyable and not just something I have to do.

I started looking for an old style shaving kit with the brush and straight razor or at least a very good razor instead of that plastic disposable thing I use till it won't work anymore then throw it out ad get another out of the bag.

My Wife Got Me This for Christmas

Shaving Kit for Men,Includes Safety Razor, Sandalwood Shaving Cream, Pre Shave Oil, After Shave Balm for Men,Shaving Brush and Bowl, Beard Apron Bib, Gifts Set for Men Him Boyfriend Stocking Stuffers

It's got everything I need to get started. I even watched a YouTube video and learned a thing or two.

One Thing Missing

Shaving Razor and Brush Stand Universal Holder for Safety Razor Storage Shave Brush Holder (gunmetal)

I'm ordering a brush and razor stand. The video mentioned letting the brush dry by hanging it up which makes sense.

Now I'm going to look forward to doing something I had to do instead of wanting to do. Shave in style.

Merry Christmas and God bless you all.

Rick James Richard Kirkham

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