What I Told a Middle School Student Who Said I Was Responsible for Her A's

When I announced my deadline coming up to leave my long-term substitute teaching assignment in middle school a student wanted me to stay because she was finally getting A's. Here's what I told her....

What I Could Have Said....

Well different teachers have different styles I'm glad I was able to help you.

Note the number of I's in that statement. See how it's about the me and not the student? This was an opportunity for me to build the confidence of my student. The above statement would have made me feel good and the student would have been lost when I left.

I'm sure you'll do fine without me

Even as you read that you sense the neutrality of that response. Even if I'd have smiled the student would have smiled back and felt good for about 10 minutes.

Fine Rick so What Did You Say....

"Mr K you can't leave I'm finally getting A's"

I had nothing to do with that it's all you.

My student smiled and walked away with even more confidence.

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J. Richard Kirkham is the only in home tutor with ADHD specializing in students with ADHD in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu. Mr K is a former dual certified teacher from Illinois and popular certified substitute teacher here in Hawaii.

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