The Absolute Easiest Way to Transfer Videos from an iPhone to a Windows PC

My wife recorded my baptism on her iPhone. As an in home and remote computer, tablet and cell phone tutor and troubleshooter covering Honolulu Hawaii, all of Oahu and the English speaking U.S.A. remotely, I knew the easiest way to transfer the video to my Windows 10 PC

Log into iCloud on The Target PC

In other words I had my wife log into her iCloud account from my Windows PC. iCloud is turned on by default on iPhones so no need to mess with cables or the old iTunes.

From there we clicked on Photos. iCloud unfortunately doesn't separate photos from videos, but they are separated by date so my baptism video was easy to find.

Click on the video

Up near the top click on the cloud with the arrow pointing down.

Your video is now downloading to your downloads folder.

Click on your file folder usually found on your taskbar at the bottom.

In the left hand column single left click on the Downloads folder.

You'll normally find your video near the top.

Yes it's that simple thanks to the cloud.

Now to Be Clear About My Feelings Concerning iCloud

I'm not a fan of proprietary services. As most of you know by now I assist in home and remote computer clients with Google Drive and Gmail in both lessons and setup. Google gives you a whopping 15 gigabytes of cloud storage for email, files and photos. It's cross platform meaning you can use it on any operating system or device. iCloud is proprietary with Apple and gives you 5gb of free space the last time I checked.

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