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The Christian Business Website was started in 2010 when I first became a Christian. A Christian businessman said to me God has a way of conducting your business. The website address GodsBusinessWay went into my head.

My Near Death Testimonial

On Tuesday June 29th 2021 after passing out three times, I was admitted to the hospital with internal bleeding from diverticulitis. No matter what the doctors did they couldn’t find the exact source of the bleeding. My wife and her prayer team were on it from day one. I prayed aloud several times. I had, since I was admitted into the hospital, received 14 pints of blood due to the internal bleeding. The last hope was major surgery to remove my colon. To a Christian that’s never the last hope. On Saturday July 3 2021 the bleeding had stopped!. At the same time I received the gift of The Holy Spirit.

I went home the next day. I had also texted our pastor, Sam Kapu of Voyager Church asking him to re-baptize me. I was ready to be more active in my Christian life and help others find The Path to God.

What I Made for My Christian Brothers and Sisters

The Christian Online Cell Phone Friendly Holy Bible

Read The Christian Holy Bible online on your computer, tablet or cell phone. Visit our Christian Business Networking Forum to promote your business with our fellow Christians. Visit our business help section for products and services. Thank you for your support. God bless you.

For future plans I’m going to build a search feature so you can find Biblical verses.

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God’s Gifts to Me to Use for His Glory

God made me a teacher, an in home tutor specializing in students with behavior issues here in Honolulu Hawaii and even remotely for the rest of the United States. He blessed me with ADHD so I would learn not just to control it, but to use it. I give back by substitute teaching when I can. My students with behavioral issues always do well in my class.

God made me good with website design and coding specializing in automation. To help others during these times I developed an online program to help beginners make money online. It’s called The Drip Income System. After signing up for free with the affiliate management company Clickbank and The Drip Income System a few keywords for a topic are chosen. Every time someone visits your website more affiliate products are added allowing you to earn a commission off of a lot of products such as ebooks, software and even services.

God made me good with sales-psychology website sales pages and ad-copy. This gift of words I’ll be using to evangelize in His Name. We have two ears and one mouth. In teaching, sales and evangelizing they should be used proportionately.

God made me good with computer troubleshooting and tutoring here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu and remotely for the English speaking U.S.A.. My ADHD comes in handy for troubleshooting computer problems. This gift gives me the ability to see patterns better than people without this gift.

So Enjoy The Christian Services and Bible To Help Your God Blessed Businesses

I look forward to your feedback and seeing your businesses listed in The Christian Business Networking Forum.

Thank you for your support,
God’s servant,
J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.