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General Discussion / Maze Runner The Death Cure
« Last post by Carlossed on Today at 10:17:06 AM »
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(Natural News) You’re about to hear some mind-blowing information that mainstream cardiologists either don’t know or won’t tell you. We recently sat down to interview Dr. Jack Wolfson, D.O., author of The Paleo Cardiologist and founder of The DrsWolfson clinic in Arizona.

Dr. Wolfson is without a doubt the coolest cardiologist on the planet. Not only does he know he stuff, he and his wife created a jaw-dropping end-of-the-world survival trailer video featuring his young son breastfeeding during the apocalypse. No joke. See the trailer, below… (yeah, it’s pretty much the best video trailer ever). It’s called the “Fighting Healthy Documentary Series,” by the way, and features his wife, Dr. Heather Wolfson.

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(Natural News) Have you ever wanted to become self-reliant but felt it wasn’t possible because you live in the city? Fortunately for you, this is an itch that you can definitely scratch. You don’t have to uproot your home in the ‘burbs and move all the way to the country just to embrace self-sustained living. There are all sorts of habits and practices you can develop for that purpose, and here are some of them:

The past couple of months have been crazy in the cryptoverse, with rumors of a “Globalist takeover” of Bitcoin (BTC) and some people favoring its cryptographic offshoot, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as becoming the future of Bitcoin. I was shocked the other day when I checked on my Bitfinex account to find that they are telling US Residents to empty their holdings, as they will no longer be servicing us. FACTA and the long arm of the IRS have made it not worth the nuisance for non-US businesses to do business with Americans. Meanwhile, Bitcoin just reached a new high, over $8,100.

In recent months, Jim Carrey has been very publicly “melting down” and making TV hosts uncomfortable as he dutifully stumps for his latest films while displaying the acute depatterning of his personality. Carrey maintains that he’s not off his rocker and that he’s achieved freedom from illusion.

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General Discussion / как зайти на сервер в кс 1 6
« Last post by SamuelBub on January 17, 2018, 02:43:39 PM »
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