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Chemtrails expert Elana Freeland joins Dark Journalist with a fascinating talk about her new book, ‘Under An Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown’, the first in-depth study of a covert sub-program of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) aka “Star Wars” which began during the 1980s.

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Drinking red wine in moderation, and more recently alcohol, in general, has been thought of as something that can improve one’s health. The constant messaging from the alcohol industry has people feeling they must drink two glasses of wine a day to feel healthy.
SPECT shows brain toxicity from alcohol
"Matt Levi Investigates" takes Hawaii's viewers off the headlines and onto the streets.  This series takes a hard look at issues that all of Hawaii's residents should know and care about.  Using Matt Levi's 4 decades of experience as a Private Investigator and journalist we delve deep into issues that most newscasts cannot cover.

The big generators that we rely on for power are 1) Expensive; 2) No longer made in the US; 3) Require months of lead time; or 4) require months to be fabricated and shipped.

Motivated attackers could hack into an interconnected system powering multiple communities to wreak the same kind of havoc experienced for days during the Northeast Power Outage of 2003.

Be in the know about what they are putting in your mouth! This article puts your health, back into your hands!

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