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For the first time in history, researchers have connected the human brain to the internet. The invention links a small Raspberry Pi computer to a headset with 14 nodes that correspond to different parts of the brain. Each brain wave can be monitored on a screen. In the future, this technology could be used to transfer information back and forth between mind and computer.

Read More: http://www.trueactivist.com/researchers-connect-human-brain-to-internet-for-the-first-time-in-history/
Sorry for off-topic, I am considering about making an instructive internet site for students. Will probably commence with submitting interesting facts like"In every episode of Seinfeld there is a Superman somewhere."Please let me know if  you know where I can find some related facts like here
There's no mystery about what goes into Jack Daniel's whiskey. The popular drink has been around for 151 years and its recipe is on the company's website, but a story about how Jack Daniel began his distillery is only now gaining traction.

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Sorry for off-topic, I am considering about creating an instructive site for pupils. Will possibly begin with posting interesting information just like"The electric chair was invented by a dentist."Please let me know if  you know where I can find some related information and facts like right here
The USDA organic label is supposed to protect the consumer against GMOs and avoidable chemical exposures, but the sobering fact is that USDA-certified infant formula manufacturers are not only being allowed to use a pesticide in their formulas, but are advertising it as a 'healthy' mineral to unsuspecting consumers.

Will you get lost in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Most people I asked don't even know what that is, but it's happening all around us right now. This system is about technological evolution... evolving us.

The movie called “A Wrinkle In Time” is based upon a 1962 book of the same name, which explores something called “Tesseract”, which is a glimpse into the 4th dimension of reality.

Correct me if I am wrong, but depleted uranium is used because of its ability to penetrate.  Doesnt change the fact that it becomes dangerous when it burns, does it? <p></p>
BioLite is the coolest company that I’ve run across in a long time! Founded with Kickstarter funds, they develop a successful line of really smart outdoor products for markets in the developed world and for emerging markets, they make a very efficient biomass cookstove that cuts fuel consumption in half, reduces toxic emissions by ninety percent and charges mobile phones or LED lights.

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