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Author Topic: Secrets to Computer Virus Removal – How I Ticked off My Competition  (Read 1199 times)

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Secrets to Computer Virus Removal – How I Ticked off My Competition
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Secrets to Computer Virus Removal – How I Ticked off My Competition   
BRAND NEW This tell all DIY (Do It Yourself) 42 page easy to follow, simple English manual NOW TELLS YOU how I, as one of the best computer virus removal specialists on Oahu,   
Speed up 
And optimize 
My mobile computer and tablet clients' and my remote computer clients' devices every four to six months to keep their (and your) computers and tablets running like new 
At top speed 
Top performance 
Extending the life 
Cutting down on computer and tablet bills 
Decreasing or stopping buffering and lagging while watching Netflix and Youtube 
And helping you and my computer and tablet clients to enjoy their computer again! 
My computer repair and computer virus removal competitors are FUMING because of this tell all do it yourself computer virus, spyware and malicious software downloadable ebook WITH links to all the FREE programs I use myself to COMPLETELY remove computer viruses, spyware, fake antivirus programs and malicious software!   
As a Christian in The Business of In Home Computer Virus Spyware and Malicious Software Removal I Was Appalled To Hear What Some Computer Repair People Were Doing   
Padding the computer virus removal client's bill   
Removing helpful software that could help the computer virus removal client clean his/her own computer   
Wiping the computer virus removal client's hard drive so the computer virus removal client loses all of his/her photos and work files   
Not updating the computer virus removal client's security   
I Decided The Best Way to Protect End Computer Users Was to Tick Off My Competitors by Educating Computer Users   
I knew I couldn't make house calls and reach everyone here in Honolulu Hawaii and help the world with remote computer support and reach everyone. So I wrote the tell all book of free downloadable software with instructions that you'd normally only find in the back room of a computer repair shop. What I didn't expect was my readers are using all the software and instructions once a month to keep their computers fast, efficient and malicious software free! 
 Ultimate Computer Virus Removal and Security Instructions and Kit by Computer Virus Removal Specialist and Dual Certified Teacher J. Richard Kirkham   



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