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[1] A Note About Insecure Password Warning in Firefox and Other Browsers #FreeCPUTip

[2] Sci-fi in real life: Scientists have developed a “smart fabric” that can store

[3] HomeBiogas Device Turns Food Waste into Clean Cooking Fuel & Nutrient-Rich Ferti

[4] Nanochips And Smart Dust – Dangerous New Face Of Human Microchipping Agenda

[5] California Fires and Directed Energy

[6] 3D printed water-maker can create 2 liters of drinking water every hour out of t

[7] New Strategy to Stop Smart Meters & Hold Politicians Accountable, w/3 Successes

[8] Earth to Earth on the BFR

[9] Supervolcano Threatens All Life On Earth, But NASA Has a Plan


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